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Welcome to the Public Policy Institute, Inc.

The Public Policy Institute of Marion County, Inc. is dedicated
to advancing public interest, building democracy,
enhancing community, and improving the quality of life
by involving citizens in the process.


What’s NEW?


Update: June, 2011. Over the last eighteen months, the Public Policy Institute has focused on updating the 2005 Quality of Life Progress Report as the study project for 2010/2011. Updating this community indicator tool serves to support organizations and agencies focused on improving quality of life by providing a current, critical data-driven snapshot of Ocala/Marion County. 

The 2010 report, presented as a user-accessed database rather than a printed report, will provide statistical data and resource information regarding 10 critical categories and includes 67 individual indicators in categories such as health, economy, education, social well-being, the environment, public safety, civic engagement, arts and culture, infrastructure, and parks and recreation.  The most important component of this project is that data included in the report will be updated on a timely schedule thereby providing current information on-demand! To access the report, released on June 28, 2011, click on the "2010 QOL Report" link at left.
What’s NOW?

What can be done to improve Marion County’s Economic vitality?  Is a more educated workforce the key to our success?  To explore these challenges, read the White Paper, Economic Vitality and a Well Educated Workforce: Meeting the Challenge available for download at the link provided below.  The report, recently released by the College of Central Florida, offers staggering statistics as well as proposed solutions for addressing this critical issue. For an overview, click the link below to access the Executive Summary.

White Paper: Economic Vitality and a Well Educated Workforce: Meeting the Challenge

Executive Summary: Economic Vitality and a Well Educated Workforce: Meeting the Challenge

Check back often to learn more about public policy issues facing our community.  To review previously published articles and information, click on the “INFO-LINKS” tab located on the right.
What’s NEXT?

Tell us what you think! Be part of the process by sharing your thoughts on what issue facing our community you think PPI should take a closer look at as a future study topic.  Send us your feedback via email to and joining the “Discussion” today!


We encourage you to share your comments regarding current and future Institute projects.  A Discussion forum for your comments is available on the PPI Facebook page (see link at lower right) or send an email to  Further details regarding the current PPI research project will be released as they become available, so please check back often or contact the Institute, at 352-291-4433 for more information.